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Hyper Deflationary

The world's first hyper deflationary staking for a massive price appreciation

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Anti contract dumping protocol "sotaria"

Trade in a secure & user-friendly environment directly on the Gochart. We offer innovative functions/solutions to projects which helps in avoiding contract sells to pay dividends on PancakeSwap and stop charts from bleeding

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Anonymous & Secure wallet to wallet chat

Unique chat feature embedded on the chart to enable conversation with other investors through your wallet, anonymously and securely.

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Smart Trading Tools

Contract scan, Buy/Sell orders, Honeypot checker and a lot of other handy functions combined in one user-friendly interface

Powering Data for the new equity blockchain.

Auto slippage
XX% Slippage
Contract Address: XXXXXXXXXXXXX

Max Sell Amount: 10,000,000 Gocharts

Our presale will be live soon on CG Launchpad

CG Launchpad
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GoChart 3.0 Interactive Trading Platform

Gochart offers visual charts for cryptocurrencies along with an array of technoanalytical tools for the trader to identify a given trend & opportunities in the market to secure & grow their investment through farming and to earn passive income from its profits.

Key Elements of GoChart:

Graph of token(s)Token Transactions Token ContractToken HoldersToken Market capTotal Token SupplyMulti Chain Chart ViewMulti Chart FunctionWallet to Wallet Chat Function (Cryptogram TM)Limit Buy & Sell OrderSwap FunctionRug CheckHoneypot CheckPrice BotsPremium Levels"Sotaria" Anti Contract Dump Protocol"Hades" Turbo Auto Burn Staking ProtocolShare to Earn system (earn Direct by invitation)Bounty system

GoChart & Cryptogram are providing a service/solution for crypto searching its kind

Be early to join our unstoppable mass adoption!
It's time to come together as one big Ecosystem!

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Revenue Share

We are changing the way people invest into crypto by providing each token its own value similar to a share in a company.

As a token holder you are rewarded with a 50% revenue share in proportion to the percentage of tokens held from the total supply. The revenue share is generated from advertisements on the Gochart platform and it's claimable through our own revenue protocol by Cryptogram TM which is automatically distributed once a month

The revenue is broken down as follows:

50% to GoChart
50% to Cryptogram

Our unique burn mechanism decreases the circulation supply dramatically and every token is an asset, backed by real world income.

Passive Income

  • The protocol will allow Holders to stake their token for stable APY rewards compounding on daily basis.
  • The staking & farming offers incentives and opportunities to premium levels depending on the time and scale of their stake.
  • GoChart’s unique auto burn staking decreases the supply with each deposit and gives a massive price appreciation over time.
  • Native tokens in our ecosystems are exclusive & gives access to multiple ways of earning passive income. We make it even more valuable by reducing the circulating supply over time.